Natural Toothache Pain Relief for Your Child

 Start by reducing oral swelling. If the child is old enough to swish and spit, have him rinse with a warm saltwater solution to reduce oral inflammation, advises the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). Mix a teaspoon of table salt into a small plastic cup of warm water. Then apply a cold compress to the outside of the child's cheek close to the sore area. Wrap a malleable gel-style compress in a soft towel, and help the child hold it in place to reduce pressure and swelling inside the mouth.

Next, give the child an oral anti-inflammatory medication appropriate for his age. Try administering a liquid version of the medication; a chewable pill may be difficult for the child to take.  Clove oil also works as a topical analgesic and antibacterial to provide toothache pain relief. Apply the oil using a cotton swab. Gently dab it on the affected area around the tooth. Alternatively, visit a 24-hour pharmacy and choose a child-safe over-the-counter oral medication containing clove oil as an active ingredient.

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Easy Home Toothache Remedies That Will Allow You To Enjoy Life Again

Toothache is one of the most unbearable pains that a person can ever experience. I mean, you are not able to eat your favorite foods, enjoy your daily hobbies, and you even go to bed at night in great pain without having the ability to enjoy a good night sleep, hoping the day comes in which your pain goes away so can live a normal life again. Well, that day has arrived. In this ebook, you are going to learn many very easy, cost-effective, step-by-step natural toothache remedies that will relieve your toothache pain fast. Download here.



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